Another variation, on the same theme :-)

A while ago, I promised to show you another variation on the same basic idea. After the circle, rectangle, square and oval, this is a rhomb, and this time the flower has coral beads on its “petals”, too. I promise, no more versions of this ūüėÄ

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The beginning of a new era

My favourite colours are orange, red, green, brown – it’s only natural that I like to use copper wire for creating my jewelry: it can have a great, rich tone and texture (especially when hammered and oxidized), and it goes perfectly with the beads and stones of the above mentioned colours.

Lately, however, more and more people have suggested that I should try using silver plated wire as well, because there are people – potential buyers -, who prefer that. I’ve tried. Here you have the result that – to my surprise – are not so far from my taste either.


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Variations on the same theme

I have already shown you the original idea in the Reminders of the summer post (the first photo), but I didn’t stop there: I tried it with circle, ractangle, square (and even with rhomb, but that is a different story, I will post it later). My favourite is the big, round one with the aventurine bead (first photo).




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Originality is a delicate question in the world of handmade. When is it taking inspiration, and when copying? Are there any designs nobody has thought about so far? Can we make something totally original?

When I crated this pendant, I was proud of myself: I designed something I have never seem among other wire-artists’ works. When I showed it to a group of “colleagues”, however, immediately came the comment: very nice, but she has seen it already I don’t know where. First I was disappointed, but then I came to the conclusion, that for me I am the inventor, and that is enough originality for now ūüėÄ


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Not just for women

I probably won’t have to think much about presents for the next Christmases or birthdays: everybody will get some wire jewelry. Every woman, I mean. But what about the men? Now I have something for them, too: bookmarks, made of the same materials and with the same¬†techniques¬†as my jewelry.

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Reminders of the summer

I made these small pendants a while ago, in the last days of the summer. Both are made of cooper wire and this time I didn’t oxidize it. The center of the flower pattern is a coral bead, and the 8-shaped pendant contains two glass beads. Two joyful reminders of the summer in the dark days of the autumn.

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Elegance – in my version

Lots of times have I found and admired¬†on the internet¬†elegant, sophisticated, light weight necklaces with small pink and purple beads and lots of spirals – and I’ve always known that they are not my style. I am not sophisticated and light weight, so how could my jewelry be like that? I like elegance, but my version of it is more robust, with simple lines and clear colors. I’ve created this necklace for a friend, to match a party dress, and it is one of my favorites.



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